Be a champion on the front lines of the fight against suicide!

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Open to sworn law enforcement professionals

The Train-the-Trainer Workshop offers an in-depth exploration of suicide risk factors and the latest techniques and resources for combating these risks. Through group discussions and hands-on learning, you will be equipped to help train and educate your own agency to combat suicide. You will also become more knowledgeable of available resources and programs and their implementation at your agency.

This workshop will enable established trainers and instructors to support their agencies’ programs and encourage and effect behavioral and organizational culture change. Participants will have the opportunity to hone their instructional skills by facilitating a topic from the Line Officer Training course.

During this training:

  • Develop innovative strategies that promote health and wellness, interrupt unhealthy behaviors, and overcome the stigma of seeking help.
  • Evidence-based strategies
  • Supporting research (e.g., positive psychology)
  • Instructional design principles
  • Resources for continued professional development
  • The development of a specific and individualized action plan
  • The Line Officer Training PowerPoint, which can be used to continue the training process within the organization
  • Discuss how you can provide support to fellow officers.
  • Develop a specific and individualized action plan that includes resources that you can access to continue your health and wellness journey.

Classroom Training

Instructional interaction that occurs “in-person” and in real time between instructors and participants.

Credit Hours Available: 16 Hours


This is an IADLEST National Certification Program™ certified course.

Hybrid Training

An online asynchronous format to deliver content concluding with a scheduled in-person or live virtual event to emphasize skills building or engage in group discussion.

Credit Hours Available: 8 Hours


This is an IADLEST National Certification Program™ certified course.

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  • Line Officers

    Gain a deeper understanding of risk factors • Recognize warning signs in yourself and others • Explore strategies to promote wellness, mitigate stress, and treat unresolved issues

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  • Supervisors

    Set the example • Get engaged • Bridge the gap between your officers and available resources

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  • Executives

    Engage with other concerned law enforcement leaders in your area • Explore the full spectrum of potential organizational solutions • Consider ways to overcome barriers to help-seeking

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  • Trainers

    Explore the latest research in suicide risk factors and solutions • Learn techniques to educate and train your agency • Assist with program implementation

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  • Online Training

    Learn more about the root causes of suicide • Discuss the issues facing law enforcement in an informal environment • Interact and engage with fellow first responders, law enforcement staff members, and clinicians

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