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The law enforcement community deserves better access to officer wellness and suicide prevention resources as well as response and post-event strategies.  Navigating the intricacies of contracts, benefits, policy implications, and varying interests can be tough yet requires a significant amount of sensitivity.  For many, figuring out how to improve awareness; provide prevention activities; and present a caring, compassionate, and appropriate response is challenging. 

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What sets us apart?

An expert cadre of law enforcement leaders and professionals, including culturally competent clinicians, is readily available to assist.

In-person and virtual training, agency assistance, and resources are developed by SAFLEO and its partners using promising, evidence-based practices and innovative strategies.

Subject-matter experts bring experience and knowledge of law enforcement suicides, including related agency responses and protocols, family and agency needs, and wellness services.

Established protocols ensure that the field’s unique needs are met, allowing for prompt responses to requestors and timely triaging of agency assistance requests.


The SAFLEO Program can help you and your agency develop and implement the most appropriate strategies to address law enforcement wellness and suicide prevention.  SAFLEO will help you think through: 

TTA recovery TTA recovery

This infographic describes prevention topics, such as creating self-help-seeking techniques, identifying wellness programs, developing your agency’s wellness campaign, organizing internal debrief processes for risk-potential calls, and helping supervisors understand their roles.


We know unexpected deaths bring a host of family and agency decisions. The SAFLEO Program can help you develop a plan for responding to a law enforcement suicide so that you and your agency are prepared if this tragedy occurs. SAFLEO’s team can help you and your agency work through response activities by offering support, experience, and guidance during an immensely hard and emotional time. Activities include, but are not limited to:

TTA recovery topics Recovery information covering many topics listed

This infographic describes recovery topics, such as developing communication strategies and messaging to the community and agency, providing resources, training, and additional services, and finally identifying strategies and approaches for continuity of operations to help ensure public safety coverage and time for coworkers to grieve.

If you do not see your specific needs listed here, please reach out and let us know. We have an experienced cadre of subject-matter experts who can develop tailor-made resources to meet your agency’s needs. 

All SAFLEO resources and services are grant-funded and available at no cost.