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Developing Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Publication Date: August 2020

time 12 minutes, 1 second

Preparing Your Agency to Handle an Officer's Death

Publication Date: April 2022

time 34 minutes, 36 seconds

The Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection Program

Publication Date: February 2022

time 22 minutes, 29 seconds


Publication Date: December 2020

Debriefing Trauma

Publication Date: September 2020

time 41 minutes, 35 seconds

Importance of Supporting Mindfulness for Law Enforcement

Publication Date: June 2021

time 36 minutes, 40 seconds

Officer Suicide Post-Event Response Guide

Publication Date: March 2021

Professional Development and Wellness Programs

Publication Date: August 2020

time 52 minutes, 20 seconds

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